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Average Stay

1 week

Duration of Hospital Stay

1 day

Duration of Operation

2-4 hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks

Benefits of Liposuction

Some stubborn fats do not tend to melt, no matter how well you follow a correct diet or exercise correctly. The effects of the fat you cannot melt on your appearance can create an obstacle to your well-being. If you do everything you can to feel good and still cannot get rid of your fat, the solution can be liposuction. Liposuction can be applied to fat mass in many parts of your body. Liposuction under the chin is one of the most preferred types of liposuction. Fat under the chin may not disappear even though you lose weight. Liposuction upper abdomen is also the solution for people who cannot get rid of fat in the upper abdomen. For people who have a problem with fat in the stomach area, stomach liposuction offers the definitive solution. Fat in the underarm area is also a problem for many people, and in such cases, liposuction under arms changes both appearance and life.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is an operation in which fat deposits in some parts of the body are suctioned by vacuuming or with the help of an injector. Although there is a common perception that liposuction is a weight loss surgery, liposuction is a contour correction surgery. The liposuction method removes fat tissue with high volume and resistance to exercise from the body. In liposuction surgery, a liquid injection is applied to the stubborn fat area, and this area is inflated. Afterward, an incision of a few millimeters is made in this area. Thanks to the cannula placed in these incisions, unwanted fat is removed from the body. Liposuction without general anesthesia is also one of the applicable liposuction methods.

Before and After Liposuction

Liposuction makes a difference in cases where fat does not improve when losing weight or exercising. People who are not satisfied with their appearance before liposuction feel much better and more confident after the operation by overcoming a significant obstacle in their life. Liposuction upper arms are also one of the body areas that achieve the desired appearance after liposuction. Fat in the upper back region is one of the most difficult ones, but if you cannot get rid of this fat despite regular sports and diet, you can find the solution in liposuction upper back. Liposuction thighs cost is one of the most searched liposuction types on the internet. Because the thighs area seriously affects the aesthetic appearance. While thigh liposuction is changing the lives of many people positively, prices vary.

Results of Liposuction

Fat and fat cells are entirely removed during liposuction. After the surgery, you will have a body that is free of unwanted body fat. However, not paying attention to what you eat in the next process fat may continue in different parts of the body. In other words, liposuction weight loss is guaranteed, but you have to be careful to protect this body in the post-operative period. Another thing to remember is that one of the requirements for liposuction is that you should be 30% more than your ideal weight.

Liposuction Prices

Liposuction, which removes the obstacles in front of you to achieve your dream body, seems to be an attractive choice. That's why the question of how much does liposuction cost is often searched on the internet. The answer to this question varies. However, it would help if you did not forget the importance of thinking independently of the price in health and choosing surgeons who are experts in their field. Turkey liposuction is another very commonly searched phrase on the internet, it is because it is the presence of specialist doctors in the area of Turkey for liposuction and other surgical operations.

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