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Located in the heart of the two continents, including Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a unique travel experience for its guests. For thousands of years, these lands have hosted different civilizations and cultures. The hospitality, attentive culture, warm climate, and excellence in medical practice do the right destination for your trip to Turkey. World-class service levels, the highest quality facilities, the best doctors in JCI approved hospitals and clinics will provide you with quality, comfortable, and safe care services. Istanbul will fascinate you with its history, geography, Bosphorus, and all other beauties. You can see historical figures from the Roman Empire or search for traces of the Silk Road. Istanbul, the European Capital of Culture, is the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world. Istanbul is a center between East and West as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies in the world. Traveling to Istanbul, exploring the city, and getting your medical needs done by Verita Clinic will be a journey that you will want to repeat.


With 1,000,000 people visiting the country in 2019, medical tourism has become a booming industry in Turkey. In 2008, Turkey hosted 100,000 visitors for medical tourism. The number has increased tenfold in 10 years. In 2021, the number is expected to approach 1.5 million visitors. Due to the costs in the health sector, quality, standby time, and various facilities lots of people coming to Turkey. Turkey provides better quality treatments at lower costs compared to Europe, the US, and other western countries. Some surgeries are performed at 90 percent more affordable prices than in other countries. Visitors come to Turkey mostly from Europe, the Gulf States, Russia, and the Turkish Republics, they usually prefer Istanbul, the Mediterranean resort of Antalya, and the capital Ankara. Turkey is in third place in medical tourism after the US and South Korea. The target is to host 2 million visitors for health tourism until recently.



In Turkey and Europe who managed to thrust itself to the forefront, Verita Clinic aims to provide the latest technology to its valued guests with local and imported products by closely following the technology in health tourism as well. It uses today's most advanced techniques such as DHI, Sapphire Fue, Gold Fue, Hair Transplantation with Stem Cell Coding, with up-to-date technology. Likewise, it brings you together with the high-level technology in participation of contracted hospitals in Turkey.

Flight Services

As the Verita Clinic, we are with you in all your flight programs! We plan your ticket date together according to the operation to be determined on the most convenient date for you. We take you from the airport with our airport transfer vehicles and go on an ultra-luxurious journey.

Taxi Driver

Transportation Service

With significant investments made in the field of health in recent years, our country has almost become a center where the world's most crucial health institutions are located. In the field of health tourism or medical tourism, we as Verita Clinic , provide you with an ultra-luxury comfort experience with our vehicles registered in Türsab (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). Our institution, which welcomes you at the airport on the day of operation and the specified dates, offers you a pleasant journey to the hotel. Our vehicles are very comfortable and serve in accordance with health tourism standards.

Hotel Reservation

Visiting our beautiful country for health tourism and seeing Istanbul will make you feel good. When you come to İstanbul, Verita Clinic, which offers ultra-luxury hotel accommodation service, will make you feel like you are on holiday. With your hotel reservation made before you come to İstanbul, you will be ready to stay in a hygienic, city-view, comfortable facility. Regardless of the operation, you will stay in high-quality rooms and enjoy this mini vacation. As a Verita Clinic  family, we do not miss any step of the operation process, we prepare a comfortable experience for you.

Hotel Bedroom Entrance
Business Meeting

Translation Service

Within Verita clinic, every individual can speak and understand the same language regardless where you are from. Our translators and welcoming team with certificates of competence accompany you in the airport and give required intermediate transfer services on your travel.  They are also always with you during the operation process. Thus, even if you come from any country in the world, you will feel at home in Istanbul. With the Verita Clinic , you will be safe in all matters in Istanbul.

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