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Average Stay

1 week

Duration of Hospital Stay

1 day

Duration of Operation

2-4 hours

Type of Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks


Appearance directly affects the person's well-being. And gynecomastia which means the growth of male breast tissue, seriously affects the external appearance. The incidence of gynecomastia in men is not uncommon. Approximately 30% of men experience this problem. It can be seen in adolescents as well as in adult males. The age range of 50 and 70 years is the most common in adults. No matter how old you are, gynecomastia is depressing. It reduces self-esteem and can create appearance dissatisfaction. Causes of gynecomastia generally appear as medication side effects, hormonal imbalance.

The Symptoms of Gynecomastia

The symptoms of gynecomastia are diverse and easily recognizable. These symptoms are breast tenderness, pain, and soreness in the breasts, discharge from one or both nipples, the difference in size between the two breasts, a lump under the nipple, swollen armpit lymph nodes. If these symptoms are present, a doctor should be consulted for a definitive diagnosis. There are some stages of gynecomastia. To determine the location, a detailed physical examination is performed by your doctor, including breast tissue, genitals, and abdominal area. Blood tests, mammography, tomography scans, and magnetic resonance imaging can be used when your doctor decides it is necessary.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

There are different gynecomastia causes. But the leading cause of gynecomastia is a hormonal disorder. If the testosterone hormone decreases in the male and the estrogen hormone increases more than necessary, it causes gynecomastia. Other than hormonal imbalances, medicines, herbal products, or various diseases may cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia reduction is possible with a diet, cardiovascular exercises like running or jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, and testosterone supplementation. However, the most effective solution method is gynecomastia operation in a proven clinic. Gynecomastia surgery is preferred by many people today and offers a great solution to many people.

Treatment of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia and bilateral gynecomastia is an appearance disorder that can be seen in many people. Exercise for gynecomastia can help with gynecomastia troubles, but the most definitive treatment for gynecomastia is a surgical operation. Gynecomastia stages include; making tiny incisions from the lower part of the patient's chest, removing excess skin and breast tissue, and closing the incisions with stitches. The liposuction method can also be preferred. In this method, laser or laser method is used, and excess fat tissue in the breast is removed with the help of thin cannulas. Operations are usually performed under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia is sometimes possible in open surgery. Stitches are applied in both methods. Gynecomastia surgery is an impressive step towards loving your body more after the change in your external vision.

Does Gynecomastia Go Away

Gynecomastia will go away completely and permanently with male breast reduction surgery, but it is imperative to choose an experienced and approved plastic surgeon. Having a gynecomastia operation in an operation center whose competence has not been proven can create unsatisfactory results. Gynecomastia operations are operations that also include stitches. Therefore, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks for the stitches and the postoperative area to heal completely. After the gynecomastia recovery, you can fully enjoy your new appearance.

Gynecomastia Price

The choice of a surgical operation center plays a vital role in the information about gynecomastia permanent. Gynecomastia price vary in many centers and countries. However, it is critical to choose a surgical operation center with a high success rate for gynecomastia.

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