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DHI Hair Transplant 


Average Stay

3 days

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

6-8 hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks

DHI Hair Transplant

Thanks to the developing technology, hair transplantation methods and devices used during transplantation have improved. DHI method is also among the hair transplant methods that are known to help the regrowth of hair. This method means "Direct Hair Transplantation." As a result of long research and tests, the DHI method has been in use widely worldwide. This method, known as direct hair transplantation, is a modification of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique.


During the DHI hair transplant method, hair follicles are placed in the area where hair transplantation is planned with a special pen called Choi Implanter. The follicles collected one by one with this transplantation method are taken into the Choi pen. At the same time, they are transferred to the channels by the Choi pen. The tip of the needle has a cylindrical and sharp point and has a very thin shape. Through the canal-shaped Choi needle, the hair is placed into the needle. The DHI technique is also called the Choi method due to the nature of the needle used during the procedure. With this method, it is possible for the person to obtain a perfect appearance.

Steps of
DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI procedure is a modified version of FUE hair transplantation. The application procedure of both methods is almost the same. Thanks to this method, you can see a visible difference in hair transplantation before and after the procedure. For this operation, your doctor takes hair follicles taken from a different part of your scalp. Afterwards, these follicles are placed into the balding areas. Most of the time, hair follicles are taken from the back of your head. These hair follicles grow new hair on your head in the future. There are some steps that should be applied during the direct hair transplantation process. During the removal of hair follicles, disposable tools of 1 mm or less are preferred for each hair follicle. With the help of these tools, hair follicles are extracted from the appointed area.

After this process, the hair follicles are preserved in a solution. The solution has a structure that does not spoil the quality of the hair follicles. The follicles are stored here, where they are protected from harm until the end of procedure. Hair follicles are implanted in the area where hair loss occurs, using a tool called Choi pen implanter. Thanks to the DHI Implanter device with a diameter of approximately 1 mm, the creation of holes or nests is prevented in the process applied to the areas with hair loss. The DHI hair transplantation method is often preferred because the transplanted hair does not fall out again. Hair transplantation in Turkey is quite common as the DHI method is often preferred in Turkey. Maximum applicability is ensured thanks to the insertion direction and depth of the hair follicles.

Advantages of DHI Method

The DHI method has numerous advantages stated by the doctors. Thanks to this method, the time that the hair follicles stay out of the tissue is minimized. This allows the doctors to provide a healthy process. In the DHI method, the hair follicles are more likely to survive. While bleeding problems may occur during conventional hair transplantation, DHI minimizes this risk as well. Unlike other methods, incisions are not required since Direct Hair Implantation does not use an incision. This allows you to recover at a faster rate and go back to your routine in a shorter time. Another advantage of DHI hair transplant is that it can be done without shaving. Thus, DHI hair transplantation results are obtained more successfully more positively.

Disadvantages of DHI Method

Naturally, there are some disadvantages of the DHI technique. In order to apply this method to individuals, both doctors and their teams should be well trained. Since the procedure requires expertise, this service cannot be provided commonly. As a result, hair transplantation cost rises. Compared to other hair transplant methods, this method is generally more expensive. 

Prices of DHI Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an extremely serious operation, so the expert team should be well trained. DHI fees may vary depending on the team and centre preferences. In this method, the amount of hair follicle taken from the person and the amount of area to be transplanted affect the prices. DHI hair transplant prices may vary depending on the country or city where the procedure is performed. Amongst central locations with expert medical team, Turkey stands out with more affordable prices. DHI hair transplantation operations appear to be more reasonable in Turkey than many other locations. While offering a budget-friendly option, DHI hair transplantation in Turkey also provides an excellent service. Thus, this method of hair transplantation is commonly preferred. Turkey is an ideal country for health tourism. 

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