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FUE Hair Transplant


Average Stay

3 days

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

6-8 hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks

FUE Hair Transplant

In today's world, aesthetic operations can be performed with exceptionally high success rates and convenience thanks to ever-developing technologies. As a result of recent developments, FUE hair transplant method is one of the most preferred in this category. Thanks to this method, which provides a high level of comfort during and after the process, operations are carried out with maximum efficiency.

Steps of
FUE hair transplant

Your observation by the doctor is the first step of the hair transplantation method. After fulfilling all the requirements for FUE hair transplant day by day, you are prepared for the process. FUE hair transplant timeline consists of relatively short operational stages. As a result of the first examination for FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the area to be transplanted is examined and how much hair transfer is required is determined. Then, how many "grafts" are in the other donor area are examined. After the graft amount is examined, it is evaluated whether the follicles are suitable to be removed or not. Generally, at this stage, the back side of the head is selected as the donor area. In general, the hair is shaved very shortly to achieve a more successful and effortless extraction. However, operations related to the shaving process can be applied without performing as well. At this stage, it is essential for the doctor to examine the relevant area. After all these procedures are performed, the roots in the donor area are taken one by one. After this process, which is carried out quite easily, the channel opening process is initialized. Afterward, the areas where the roots are to be transplanted are made ready. With the channels opened, the hair follicles are planted. FUE hair transplant results can be easily observed in different time periods for each person.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant

One of the most significant advantages of FUE hair transplant procedure is that all steps are performed almost painlessly. In addition, after all these procedures, no scar is left on the hair transplantation area or the donor area. As a result of this hair transplantation method, the procedures are performed in the most healthy way since the natural hair of the patient is used. For further information, you can have a better idea about how successful this operation can be by examining FUE hair transplant before and after examples or by contacting the expert medical crew in Verita Clinic

Post-operation process of FUE hair transplant

Another area where this type of operation is thriving is the recovery stage. The FUE hair transplant recovery time is remarkably shorter than many other operation types. The hair that grows right after the hair transplant surgery will fall out after a short time as this is an expected process. Later, permanent hair starts to grow in various periods. This period can differ for each person. The most crucial point here is that you should follow the doctor's recommendations after hair transplantation carefully. It is crucial to protect the area where hair transplantation is performed. The scalp should be protected from sun and rain until it is fully healed. In addition, it is recommended to consult a doctor in cases of post-operative pain, itching or any similar situations. Another important item is that the hair is not washed for a period determined by the doctor after the operation.

Prices of
FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant cost varies considerably according to the individual applying. At this stage, various criteria can determine the price. There are many different factors such as the size of the transplanted area, the number of roots or the technologies used. You can get the most accurate information about the expenses that may arise as a result of the relevant
transactions by talking to your doctor in Verita Clinic. Furthermore, you can acquire detailed information about painless hair transplant methods as well.

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